At Danzai Software we belive in simplify tasks. For that reason, we have opened a new customer area in our website.

In that space, our customers will have access, consult and download invoices electronically, and other informations belonging to their account.

With this new service, the documentation of your company will be streamlined

Forget to wait for invoice mails and filing them. With the new customer area, you will have access to the invoices anytime, everywhere and print them.


The new customer area is really intuitive. Once you are in, you will see grahpics with a dashboard with the summary of your invoices of the last 12 years. If you select a concrete month, you will access to a screen with where you can download your phisical invoice and check the status of its payment.

There is also a “Invoices” section available above the menu. In it, you will have all the invoices corresponding to your account available at any time in pdf format. In addition, to make it easier for you to search for them, we have incorporated a drop-down menu in which you can select the year and month that you are interested in.

At the menu section “documents”, you can also have available invoice information, for example, the 347 tax, among other documentation.

With that we simplify timeouts of invoice reception and documents.


Also, you can modify personal information of your profile:

  • Password.
  • Billing information.

You only have to do a simple request at the customer area of and our administration department will change them.

Remember that, to sign up for this service, please send an e-mail to: including your NIF and contact mail with our business.

Join the zero paper movement and start working more agilely!