At Danzai Software we are celebrating that we have new corporate image! With this renovation, we want to modernize our image. Also, we want to comunicate that we are a moden software company but associated to our values from the beggining:

  • Innovation, investing the 7% of our benefits in I+D.
  • Specialization, offering our software Dansap ERP in six activity sectors, in addition to its usability for any type of company.
  • Professionalism, with a high qualified team.

Also, we have implemented the new image to the corporate communications. Website, social media, catalogues, roll-ups, news and e-mail signs.

We want to unify our corporate image and make Danzai Software our principal brand, including our other brands:

  • Dansap ERP, our customizable ERP.
  • Techni-Web, our POS software.
  • Micromar, specialized in the sale of hardware for direct sales.
  • SuTPV, online store specialized in the sale of hardware for direct sales.

We want to offer the best service to our costumers, for that reason, we have also started to build our new offices.

This ones, are going to be a new space where everyone will work comfortably with a large meeting room, a workshop for our technicians, offices for each department and a dining room for the staff. In addition, they will have all the necessary equipment for each professional to develop their activity in an agile, competent and efficient way.

We want to invite our costumers and followers to stay updated to our corporate news, therefore, we recommend that:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter, where they will recieve corporate and personalized information, adapted to their activity sector.
  • Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube), where they will find interesting content about our brands.
  • Read our blog, where we advise businesses on how to get the most out of the tools they have. In addition, we also advise companies that want to make a migration to an ERP.

At Danzai Software we are always investigating how to facilitate business management for our clients. For this reason, we have created Dansap ERP Business Solution, which will help companies to have a 360° management without the need to use other management software. In addition, the client who wants it, will be able to customize their ERP.