Dansap ERP Business Solution

The ERP software customizable for your business needs

With our customizable software Dansap ERP, we guarantee to optimize all your business resources. Dansap ERP connects data between departments and allow all your workers work from the same software

Your ERP in Girona and Barcelona

Incorporates all the modules and functionalities to work comfortably

At Danzai Software we want to offer a completely customizable software for our costumers.
For that reason, we have worked to offer an ERP adapted to all types of businesses with multiple functionalities that will allow your company have a better management and data communication between departments, allowing to work from only one software. 



At Dansap ERP we are specialized in different sectors

We want to offer the best service to our costumers. Our solution is a customizable and specialized software in various activity sectors. We also offer a generalized service to SMEs and Big Enterprises. At Dansap ERP we adapt to the costumers requirements and have the possibility to customize the ERP to the costumer’s needs. We garantee increase the productivity, optimize the manufacturing system and have a better engagement with costumers. 





We have two different types of customizable Dansap ERP management software. One adapted to SMEs, with everything necessary for the operation and management of your company. And the other, adapted to Large Companies, with which we intend to supply all their needs, in addition to being able to personalize it.

Dansap ERP SMEs

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bills
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited products
  • Basic modules
  • Daily backup

Dansap ERP SMEs is a management software created specifically for small and medium-sized companies. We offer a complete ERP, incorporating all the modules to work comfortably.

Dansap ERP Business

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bills
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited products
  • Basic and custom modules
  • Daily backup
  • Unlimited users
  • Customizable

Dansap ERP Business is management software created specifically for large companies. We offer a customizable ERP for each client, with all the necessary and personalized modules to work comfortably.

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