From our beggining, at Danzai Software we wanted to help companies optimize their business system. For that, we are constantly investigating customer’s needs and providing solutions that help them get better day by day the performance of their business. We introduce a new web connector for customers.

For this reason, we have added a new web connector to our product catalog. This will join our Dansap ERP management software with the online store managed with Prestashop. The new connector will speed up the management of the website by 200%. In addition, you will automate many of the processes that were previously manual and required a lot of daily amount of time. To specify, you will be able to:

  • Create products, categorize them, create product sheets, put photographies and the price. All the management of the website can be done from Dansap ERP and the connector will link it to Prestashop.
  • Change a price automatically on the website from your Dansap ERP management software.
  • Create an order directly in the program when a sale is made from your website managed by Prestashop. We automate the entire procedure to simplify the internal management of our costumers.
  • The management software Dansap ERP is who will control the website and the Prestashop manager goes into a background.

At Danzai Software we are driven by our desire to innovate and offer the best service. For this reason, we will continue investigationg to offer the best solutions to our clients. We will improve, update our management software and its applications to always be at the forefront of the best technology.