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Company’s needs are in constant change. More and more people have requirements to adapt to the current market demand. At Danzai Software we are aware of this. For this reason, we have added a new functionality to our management software. The possibility of making gift cards with Dansap ERP.

Gift cards are increasingly in demand by customers of establishments. They have become a very good and practical gift option.

Our gift cards are fully configurable. You can:

  • Put expiration date.
  • Company logotype.
  • Make them nominative with the name of the person to whom you are giving it.
  • Put or not the amount of the gift

Configure them as you like

¿How are the gift cards of Dansap ERP?

This kind of gift cards, are an amount of money that costumers give to the shop to make a gift to another person. The process of creation of this gift card for the business is that:

  • Ask for the personal data of the person the present is for.
  • Put the name and surname to the gift card.
  • Ask the customer is he wants the gifted person to see the present’s value.
  • Register to Dansap ERP the amount of money that wants to put on the gift card.
  • Put an expiration date on the gift card.
  • Print the gift card.

¿How do I have to present it on the store?

This depends on how each establishment works. Initially, it is recommended that everyone bring the gift cards made with Dansap ERP to the store. If the costumer loses it, the establishment has registered to the management software Dansap ERP to who it belongs to, the amount of the voucher and if the balance has expired.

Once the purchase has been made, it will be deducted from the gift card or if the purchase exceeds the amount, the customer will add the extra money. At Danzai Software we constantly improve our management software. For this reason, every time we are adding new functionalities to our management software Dansap ERP. Your ERP partners in Girona and Barcelona.