Find out a software that can be adapted to every specific need of every business is really complicated. Everyone has its own needs and have to cover them. For that reason, we have Dansap ERP, our customizable management software. This ERP software, born in Girona, also has the possibility to incorporate a POS system, Dansap POS software, linked to the management software, which will streamline its costumer service system for the company.

Dansap POS will allow you to:

  • Manage several locations at the same time.
  • Manage your point of sale.
  • Get statistics to make decisions.
  • Streamline the sale system.

Dansap POS is the ideal solution for your business. With the POS software, easy to use, and with a simple interface and intuitive, you can increase the productivity of your business. It will streamline daily tasks and simplify them to get the best possible performance from your establishment.

Having a POS software will help your business reputation and earn the trust of your costumers apart from improving its image in front of the public. We offer integral solutions for every type of business.

Dansap POS will allow you to manage your sale system faster. With the old devices, the entire purchasing process was more cumbersome for both custumers and workers. Now it’s simplifyed by 200% thanks to our new system, adaptable, agile and practical. We automate previously arduous tasks and simplify direct sales management.

At Danzai Software we are always thinking about how to improve the daily management of our clients. For this reason, we have developed Dansap POS, linked to our Dansap ERP management software. We add value to your business.