The second announcement of Kit Digital, an initiative of the Spanish government, has the main objective to help the digital transformation of companies to have a better digital presence, is about to open. It is really important to be aware of the dates, so the economic aids are given for order, if the companies have all the requests of the announcement.

¿ Who can apply for the help of the segment?

Companies from 3 to 9 employees and the maximum economic help will be 6.000€.

¿How can I request help from the Kit Digital?

Today, there are no deadlines for the second segment, but the Spanish Government says that is going to be between June and July. Once it’s open, companies have to apply to the request.

¿How do I apply for the Kit Digital help?

You can apply for the Kit Digital easily in three steps:

  1. Log into the website and make the digital self-diagnosis test.
  2. Check out the available information about the digitalization solutions offered.
  3. Access the procedures to access the application for the Kit Digital.

¿Once I have the Kit Digital, what do I have to do?

  1. You must contact the agent that you want to work with and offer the solution that you want. There’s a website in which you can see all the official digitalized agents.
  2. Once you have found what you need, you must keep in touch with the agent and formalize an agreement to provide digitalization solutions.
  3. Formalized, it will be at the disposal of the collaborating entity for validation. This process has to be done in maximum 6 months form the granting of the aid.

Project justification

The digitalization agents, must have to do a justification of the project in maximum 3 months. (To know if the project is feasible or not).

Aid payment

This, must be realized in two phases. The first one, is checking if the concession of the economic helps that will be on the website of .

There you can check if you have granted the aid or not.

The Kit Digital aid is a good opportunity to digitalize businesses. At the program, you have the following services to hire:

  • Website and Internet presence. Our team will design a website according to their needs and image. Completely responsive. For every type of company.
  • E-mail marketing. We will make you visible on social media. Obtain new customers and promote your company. Our plan of 10 posts/month, is going to give you an impulse.
  • Social media management. Creation of an online store powered by Prestashop. With the possibility to enhance it with our software or web connector.
  • Customer and provider management. Your relationship with customers is really important. Monitor it and get performance of it.
  • Business Intelligence and analytics. Make decisions based on data and enhance your business. ¡Check out what a BI can do for you!
  • Process management. Start now working with an ERP. Everything will be integrated on the same software. Forget loosing data.
  • Electronic invoice. Manage simple and easily all the invoicing with Dansap ERP.
  • Services and tools for virtual office. Sincronize your calendar, have email accounts and work with Microsoft Office.

¿Do you have any doubt? At Danzai Software we are ready to help you. Contact our team and we will help you without compromise.