contabilidad Dansap ERP

The accounting is one of the most difficult tasks that your company has to face. It is really important to keep it up to date and to be carried by professionals. If it’s not done like this, the consequences of a mistake can be really bad. Most of companies, have the accounting on an Excel spreadsheet. At Danzai Software, we know that this hinders the daily management of the department, because of that, we highly recommend the Dansap ERP accounting module. With this module, you can deepen and optimize the accounting system of your company. With our management software, you will know if you have a good financial health. All of the data will be at your disposal instantly.   

In order for our customers to work comfortably, we have incorporated to our accounting module:

  • Blocking and account blocking: You will be able to block cost prices, accounting dates, create an accounting group and block it during the necessary time.
  • Accounting entries and predefined entries: Create, visualize and modify every entry. Link them and make lists.
  • Banks: Conciliation with the 43th rule of every bank. We dotted the bank extract with the documentation and inform if there’s something wrong.
  • Year- end closing: Carry out the year-end closing and make automatically the year-opening.
  • Official statements: Access log books easily, and make openings automatically.
  • Immobilized: Control of assets and amortizations.  

Also, we have more functionalites for your accounting module:

  • Generation of collection remittances. (Rule 19.14; 19.15; 19.44).
  • Generation of payment remittances. (Rule 44).
  • Incorporation of system SII, facilitate sending invoices to treasury.
  • Accounting integrated without the need of transfer other year’s history.

Benefits that is going to bring your accounting module:

  • Lighten up the daily management of your department. With the accounting module, you will have all the data in the same software.
  • Easy to use, with an intuitive interface. With a little information, you and your team will know how to use the management software.
  • Cloud or local, your team is going to be able to work everywhere.

¿Do you want a software that can be adapted to your work methodology? Dansap ERP is the ideal software, fully customizable in which you are going to take the maximum profit of your accounting department. ¡Start now with us and with the accounting module Dansap ERP! We will advise you without compromise.