módulo logística dansap erp

Companies are more demanding with the technology they have to use to control their businesses. The digital transformation it’s here and because of that, they have started to look for an ERP that suits its growth needs and development to the actual market. A very important department and one that lots of times is not taken into account is logistics. This one, handles the traceability control, warehouse stock and product distribution. In order to take control of all this things, we have developed the logistic module Dansap ERP.

With our logistics module Dansap ERP, you can check whatever you need in real time.  Anytime or place. A competitive advantage that will allow you to optimize your work methodology and take advantage of your competitors.

In order to work comfortably, we have incorporated to our module:

  • Shipping label printing, to control all the products of your warehouse.
  • Traceability, in order to identify in what state or where the product is (production, warehouse) and make it come to the final consumer. It helps to identify the critical points through the supply chain.
  • Warehouse, with this functionality, you can create, modify and check the inventory, manage the stock, control the gender inputs and outputs and visualize every product movement.
  • Distribution, check in real time the loading goods and the settlements that have to do the shippers with each one of them. They also have at their disposal the cargo history in order to check them wherever you want.
  • Inventory, the inventory management is made automatically with Dansap ERP.
  • Information, with an ERP, you will have continuous information of your logistic department. From whatever you want. With Dansap ERP you will be able to work remotely with Internet connection.

Also, we have all the following functionalities:

  • Multi- Company and multi- warehouse management.
  • Serial number control, with batches and due date.
  • Picking module; control from an application the picking preparation.
  • Vehicle control. You can schedule alarms and control who has taken a vehicle. In this way, if a fine arrives you will know who is the responsible and attribute it.
  • Stock control, with an alarm system when the products are at the minimum configured previously.
  • Control of shrinkage, breakage and loss.
  • Product location control. Have the absolute control of where is every product. Place it at any isle or shelf in your warehouse. You will always know where it is.

At Danzai Software, we have the ability to adapt our ERP to our customer’s needs. For that, if you need another functionality of our logistic module for your company, we can customize it for you, our software is fully customizable. ¿Do you want more information? Contact our team and we will give advice without compromise.