On the HHRR module, the managers of the department will find a great ally for the employee management. They will have various functionalities to develop their tasks in an agile, easy and organized way. With Dansap ERP, you and your team are going to find fully control in real time of what is happening on the company, being able to structure all the departments, make evaluations and take decisions.  

Your HHRR department will be able to manage with the Dansap ERP HHRR module:

  • Presence control, control the schedule of your employees and take out listings of timetables per turns. Know who arrive on time and who don’t.
  • Turns, make your employees turns. Check out if they are well coordinated or not easily.
  • Tasks, make lists of your employee’s tasks, create new tasks, modify and manage them. Have the complete control of what are they doing and if they are meeting the schedule.
  • Calendar, each employee can do their work calendar with all the work days, free days, exceptional work days and the timetable o the company. They can also configure reunions and meetings with workmates or customers. All of that, can be synchronized with Google Calendar, to have all the information in the palm of your hand.
  • Holidays, manage your employee’s holidays in a simple and easy way. They can create a vacation request, modify and visualize it. The petition will appear to the HHRR team and they have to approve it or deny it. Once it’s done, holidays will appear on the employee calendar.

Which advantages do I have with the Dansap ERP HHRR module?

  • Process streamlining, everything that was made manually before, now you can control it from the Dansap ERP HHRR module. Tasks in your department will be more agile, fast and easy.
  • All the information in one place, from the HHRR module, you can control all the management of your department. There will be no need to go from one software to another to manage everything. Also finding physical documentation to manage your department, this will be over.
  • Productivity increase, working from the Dansap ERP HHRR module, your employees are going to increase productivity and dedicate time to other tasks that were made manually.

Digital transformation is the reality of all companies. Every day more than ever, we are aware that for advancing to a digital and efficient companies, it is necessary to have tools that match the process. ¡Try now our software Dansap ERP and discover the advantages of having a software that manages your company completely! With no need of other software, everything from Dansap ERP.