Dansap ERP Fabricación

If your business is dedicated to the manufacturing industry, you will know how important is control the production process. A production line correctly controlled, will allow your company to know exactly how much cost represent the line and if it fits on the established schedule. It is really important to follow the schedule, since the customer satisfaction and the survival of the company will depend on this. At Danzai Software we know those needs and for that, we have developed the Dansap ERP manufacturing module. This one, is composed of various modules with different functionalities. With them, we can provide the business with a complete control of the manufacturing product.

¿What does the Dansap ERP manufacturing module allow me?

Control in every moment the manufacturing process of your products. Know all the company loses and batches produced and in how many time are they done. Evaluate in which turn employees produce faster and make decisions about their product with real and concrete data.

  • Manufacturing: create, modify, visualize and reopen a fabrication process.
  • Inputs and outputs: write down the merchandise that you have manufactured in batches.
  • Quarterly loses: Calculate, modify and visualize the quarterly loses of your manufacturing.
  • Make lists: Traceability, manufacturing costs, special tasks, etc.
  • Product loss: Quantify the product loss, total loss of your container and the product loss.

Control the production/ manufacturing of your company is not an easy task. And more when your business has delivery dates accorded with a client. For that, you need an ERP like Dansap, which helps controlling all the related aspects with the manufacturing product process.

¿Which functionalities do I need to complement the manufacturing module?

Having a management software helps you managing all the productive process of your company. And it has multiple benefits.

  • More product manufacturing control.
  • Fully price control cost.
  • More product quality.
  • Less product loss.
  • Fully control of the scheduled delivery times.

Our manufacturing module, is ready for every type of company (SMES or big enterprises) and be adapted to every sector. Don’t wait to start controlling all your productive process and contact us. We offer a free DEMO of our management software Dansap ERP. Also, if you decide to make a step, our technical team is going to offer personalized training for each department of the company. ¡Start now with the digital transformation of your business!