modulo oficina Dansap ERP

As you have seen before, an ERP is composed with different modules. In this case, we are going to evaluate the Dansap ERP office module. ¿What can I do with the office module? From the office module, you will be able to control and manage all types of business movements. Obtain control in real time of what is happening to make evaluations and take decisions.

¿Which uses has the Dansap ERP office module?

With our module, you could use the following services that are going to make your day easier. They are: 

  • Presence control, to control your employee’s schedule. With this new functionality, you are going to make turns and check out if your employees are fulfilling their timetable.
  • E-mail, with our software, you can configure all your e-mail accounts, to have everything from the same platform. Fast and easy. Manage everything from Dansap ERP.
  • Scanner, scan your documents and configure them to the company scanners. We want all your hardware devices integrated with our management software Dansap ERP.
  • Contact, with the management software Dansap ERP, you are going to create contacts from your account and see all that the other contacts. You will also be able to make lists and accomplish tasks with every contact that you have.
  • Tasks, with our ERP, you are going to elaborate task lists, new tasks, modify and manage them. Have the complete control of what your team does!
  • Notes, create user notes, organize the day as you want.
  • Annexes, possibility to create all types of annexes (accounting entries, delivery notes, budgets, sales, work parts and articles).
  • Calendar, draw up the calendar with working days, free days, and the company timetable. You can also configure your appointments with partners or customers and link it with Google calendar.
  • Holidays, manage your employees holidays easily. Make a request easily, modify it and once it’s approved, it will be seen by the employee.
  • Commissions, calculate your employee’s commissions, of sales for hierarchy, detailed sale and for the commercial department.

¡And a lot more! Check out the advantages that has using our office module. Only with Dansap ERP you can work easily, comfortably and with a fully customizable software. Start now enjoying the advantages of our management software and organize your department with our new office module.