Lots of SMEs are in a crucial moment. Government, is giving economic aids for digitalization, providing from the Next Generation EU founds. The objective of this new economic aids is clear: helping with the digital transformation of as more businesses as we can. With more digital SMEs.

Having a digitalized Company, will help you with lots of aspects:

  • Speed up daily tasks.
  • Save time.
  • Reaching new customers.
  • It will cheaper your costs.
  • Improve all your company processes.
  • You will have a good corporate reputation.
PYMES más digitales

¿What can we offer to digitalize your business?

At Danzai Software we are ready to offer a complete digital transformation plan. First to start and the most important, is having a good ERP.

  1. With this first step, all your corporate processes have to be in the same place.
  2. All the data is going to be stored in the same place.
  3. You are going to work with a cloud hosted software. That is going to allow you work remotely. From anywhere in the world.
  4. Every profile will be configured with the ERP. Each one will have limited access to the different modules. For example, the accountant only will see the Office information and vice versa.
  5. Online orders management. We connect the ERP with your ecommerce.
  6. Easy to use, with correctly organized and structured modules.

Digitalize your Company is going to give only advantages. Also, you are going to be aware of your country laws. None official organization is going to ask you for anything while using Dansap ERP.

Also, our customers can receive remote software support. This is because our management software is fully configurable local or in the cloud.

If you have everything organized and without data loosing, you may be able to make good company decisions. With time, this will evolve to more sales, expansion and good corporate reputation.