In the beginning of the year, tax presentations come. And, of course the 347 model statement. The submission deadline is from the 1st to the 28th of February. This model, has only informative intentions, it does not suppose any payment or devolution.

¿What is the 347 model statement?

Is an official declaration of your operations with other natural and legal persons.  

¿Do I have to present the 347 model statement?

It is required to present it if the providers and customers amount is more than 3005, 06€ annually.

¿Is someone exempt?

  • Contributors with not Spain- based tax residence.
  • Those whose operations with third parties do not exceed 3005,06€ annually.
  • Legal and natural persons or entities of the income allocation regime that are taxed in personal income tax by objective estimation, and in parallel by the simplified VAT regime of the simplified regimes.
  • That don’t have the “recargo de equivalencia” applied.

¿What parts has the model statement 347?

  • Resume of business data and of the exercise declarant, if it’s a complementary declaration or substitutive, the date and the firm.
  • Resume of the data declared.
  • Resume of the estate.
Modelo 347

¿How can we help you?

At Danzai Software, we have Dansap ERP. Our management software, has all the necessary modules, and it’s going to simplify tasks like accountability, among others that are in your company. Actually, we offer create and present official models, including the 347 model.

With this easy steps, you can present the 347 model without problems

  1. Update the customer data option with the ACTNIF button.
  2. Confirm the transaction.
  3. Generate the declaration with the FI347 option.
  4. Select the Company.
  5. Select the dates (by default it comes out the previous year).
  6. Generate a new declaration or overwrite the one that was already done.
  7. Save the declaration.

Once the declaration is saved, you can modify it without problem, indicating the code of the declaration.

Next, you can export a file to attach directly to the hacienda website.

With Dansap ERP, you will automate all this processes, and a lot more. ¡Check out the benefits of working with us!