Manuales Dansap ERP

Customer service is one of the most important sales help point. For that, companies compromise is every time bigger in this aspect. Having a good support and a training can make a costumer decide for one project or other. For that, we have designed a website with help manuals for our Dansap ERP customers. On them, they are going to find everything in reference to the use of our software.

These Dansap ERP manuals, are composed like this:

  • Differenced for the different software modules. In that way, when the customer is going to search for information, it can do it with facility selecting the module at which they want to access. (Master data, purchases, sales, collections and payments, accountability, logistics, office and POS).
  • Inside every module, the customer can find the information that has more interest. For example, inside the module purchasing management, there is the pulled apart delivery note.
Manuales Dansap ERP
  • Inside every sub- section, there are different types of delivery notes that each customer can make, and a little explanation about how you can do them. For example: Purchasing delivery notes. Also, we can see how to make a goods receipt with PDA.
  • Inside each one of these posts, for example “Goods receipt with PDA”, you will see exactly which step you have to do for enter to your system a goods delivery note to the system.

And so with each of our modules and each one of its sections. We provide the best information possible to each one of our customers.

At Danzai Software we want to improve every day and manage the daily management of our customers. For that, we offer every day new ways of speed up your daily tasks. Also, the website Dansap manuals is going to update every time that our software has an update. We are commited to updating this website and facilitate the use of our management software Dansap ERP.