At Danzai Software we know businesses needs. Dansap ERP smart business will help in your daily tasks. A lot of companies are increasing the digital transformation movement and incorporing an ERP system to their organization, with a POS system integrated.

For that reason, we have launched our new Dansap POS, linked to our ERP software Dansap ERP. This pack, is the ideal solution for your business. Easy to use and with an intuitive and simple interface, your company will increase its productivity. With our combo Dansap POS+ERP, we agilize and simplify daily tasks to obtain the best performance possible for your business. All manual tasks, in different softwares without connecting data, now they do it automatically.

Our Smart Business solution will allow you to:

  • Manage various stores
  • Manage your point of sale
  • Obtain statystics of every department of the company
  • Faster sales

Also, the following functionalities:

  1. Stock control, forget to control the stock manually. Everytime that a sale is made, the software will discount you from the business stock.
  2. Different profiles, you can configure different profiles for each employee. In Dansap ERP or TPV.
  3. Configurable menu, our Smart Business solution, has a completely configurable screen. You can adapt the menus and sub-menus to your business needs.
  4. Prices connected with your ERP, whenever you want to modify a price, you can do it from Dansap ERP, which will send the information directly to your POS system.
  5. Support, el equipo de Danzai Software va a encargarse de darle soporte durante la instalación y primeros días de uso.
  6. Formation, our team will give formation to all of our employees in order to learn to use the management software for point of sale Dansap TPV.

Also, we can connect our software with your e-commerce.

At Danzai Software we work everyday to imporve our ERP. We update and adapt to the market needs. Dansap ERP Business’s purpose is to help other customers achieve a Smart Business.