In the actual market there’s infinity of ERP management softwares by modules. More or less specialized, all of them offer the same solutions, apparently. A lot of our costumers have found that they have buyed an ERP without recieving personalized advice. The problem has arisen when they have started to use them. They have obtained a software that hasn’t adapted to their requirements and have seent that they have made a bad invest.

At Danzai Software they won’t have this problem:

Our professional team will be in charge of advising the project, according to your needs and will look for the best solution for your company.

In this way, you will have everything you need.

A solution, is buy an ERP software by modules, like Dansap ERP. Every module, is totally personalizable, in additon to configurable. You can give total access of all modules to your employees to the ERP or limitate the work for departments. In this way, each worker will only work with data relevant to their department.

Our management software, is totally personalizable, and can be adapted to all your needs. Also, it offers all the modules to work comfortably.

If you need and ERP with all the incorporated modules, Dansap ERP is your solution.

It has the most complete modules in the market, with many extra functionalities that will allow you to implove multiple aspects related with the management of your business. As for example:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • BI (Business Intelligence).
  • E-commerce (Integral management connected with Dansap ERP).
  • DMS (Documental management system)
  • Security access.
  • Presence control of your employees

Start now with our ERP management software with modules and get benefit of:

  • A 360° management of your business.
  • Digital transformation of your company.
  • Improve result and decision making.
  • Increase your productivity.

¡Wellcome to the digital transformation of your business!