At Danzai Software we believe in complete solutions. For that, a POS system linked with your ERP is the ideal solution for your business. Dansap ERP is our management software adaptable to every type of business. After its success, we started developing a POS system just as effective, linked with our software, to offer a 360° solution to our customers.

And so we did, and Dansap POS was born. With this POS system, we want to give to our customers the practicality of controlling everything from a single software, with no need to work with other providers.

With Dansap POS linked to our Dansap ERP, you will achieve:

  • Manage various businesses at the same time.
  • Manage your POS system.
  • Business statistics (sales, products, more productive hour).
  • Faster sales.

The management software Dansap POS is compatible with a high variety of sectors.

  • Stock control of your business. Forget to control your stock manually. Everytime that you make a sale, the program discounts it automatically the stock.
  • Configurable menu. Dansap POS has a complete configurable screen. You could adapt all the menus with their business needs.
  • Configure different profiles. You can configure different access profiles for all your employees.
  • Connected prices with your ERP ¡All advantages! If you want to configure a price, you can do it from Dansap ERP which will send all the information automatically to the software.
  • Team support. We are going to give support during the installation and first days of use of the new software.
  • Training your workers. We do integral formation to all your employees in order to learn to use the POS and ERP.

All of our management software is totally compatible with the cash payment system Cashlogy. ¡Ask for information to our professionals about how to improve your sale system! Contact with us.