Data is the most valuated thing for companies. Having them within reach can greatly improve our strategy and business intelligence. A Business Intelligence, linked with an ERP, will benefit a 200% to your business. All departments will upload and share all kinds of data so that it can be analyzed later. At Danzai Software, we have developed a complete Business Intelligence, linked with the ERP that will allow you to order, word and understand all the corporate data.

A Business Intelligence will benefit you:

  • Analyze internal and external information.
  • Deepen the investigation of different markets or business projects.
  • Make future predictions.
  • Understand corporate information.
  • Increase Business Intelligence.
  • Analyze all type of data at real time.
  • Identify losses.
  • Identify profits.
  • Simple and intuitive dashboards.
  • Save time.

A Business Intelligence will help you:

  • Retain customers.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Control the budget.
  • Digitization of the company.
  • Fully configurable dashboards.
  • Organize all company information.
  • Grow the corporate environment.

Every person of the company can use a Business Intelligence. They will be able to interpret all the data of its department and know what you can do for increase the productivity or recon duct the business strategy. In addition, you will benefit over time to be able to have problems identified that cannot be identified by the naked eye and analysis. With Dansap Business Intelligence, you can have all aspects of your business in control. Dansap Business Intelligence is key to develop a good business plan, and to control every part of each department.

Now is the moment to implement a Business Intelligence to your company.  At Danzai Software we work day by day to improve our system and provide our customers of our best products and results. Take advantage and start to gain ground from our competitors! Inform yourself with our professionals.

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