At Danzai Software we’ve been always working in order to increase the digital trasnsformation of the businesses. Digital transformation will simplify more than a 200% business management, and it will also help in the business image. Dansap POS is our proposal for businesses that need a good management of their point of sale. Compatible with a wide variety of sectors, we garantee to optimize the management of your business.

Dansap POS offers the following possibilities:

  • Stock control, forget about checking the stock manually. Every time a sale is made, the program deducts it from the company’s stock.
  • Configurable menu, Dansap POS has a completely personalizable screen. You can adapt the menus and sub-menus to your business needs.
  • Support, Danzai Software team will take charge of giving support during the first days of using Dansap POS.
  • Different profiles, you can configure different access profiles for your employees.
  • Prices connected with Dansap ERP, whenever you want to change a price, you can do so from Dansap ERP, which will send the information directly to your terminal integred with your POS.
  • Training, our team will give the necessary information to the employees in order to use the management software Dansap POS.

Also, Dansap POS is completely compatible with the cash payment system Cashlogy. ¡Ask for more information to optimize your sale system!

At Danzai Software we work everyday to offer the best technologycal solutions to our costumers. Dansap ERP is connected with Dansap POS, a 360° management of your business.