Actually, digital transformation is really important for the majority of businesses. Old softwares had become old-fashioned and markets are demanding another new tendencies. Actually, the tendency is to control everything from the same software, and that includes a complete management, with all of the modules, a Business Intelligence and a CRM. All of this tools, will ensure business success through an ERP.  

But, how is going to benefit me exactly if I implement an ERP in my company?

  • With our Business Intelligence you are going to provide sales tendencies and analyze all the data completely. It will export all your data and make it available to you to better understand your company. In that way, you are going to take good decisions based on data.   
  • CRM, Customer Relationship Management. This part of the program, will help your marketing department. You could know which phase is your relationship with customers, the lifetime of this one and if it’s better send him some type of communications or not.
  • Complete system, prepared to cope with heavy workloads.
  • You will improve your decision-making process, helping to visualize all data easily. There’s an option to visualize them on graphics.
  • Automatized tasks. With Dansap ERP you will automatize tasks that were made manually. With that, you are going to optimize your time at least a 200%, apart from saving employee costs. Task automatization is the main advantage for which most companies have opted for digital transformation and put themselves in the hands of an ERP.

Dansap ERP is the trusted ERP software of many companies

An ERP is essential to help your artificial intelligence. Every investment is made and based on new technologies that are always going to help your business. At Danzai Software we are always aware of market’s needs. Continually working to offer our customers the most complete ERP of the market, adapted to new technologies and to your needs. Dansap ERP is the completely customizable management software. Ask our team and start working with us in the most comfortable way!