E-commerce has become an essential part of all businesses. Digitalization is increasing day by day, and the acceleration that leads to these processes is increasingly present. Last year and due to the sanitary crisis, e-commerce has raised at least a 20%. This represents a high percentage respect to conventional or physical sales. Therefore, and because this percentage will increase over the years, at Danzai Software has designed a complete solution for e-commerce management. Dansap e-commerce pack.

This, is composed by the following characteristics:

  • Dansap ERP software. The base to start working correctly and develop/ enhance all of your business system. Our ERP, is implemented really easy in your company, helping with the daily management and simplifying tasks. Learning how to use it and integrate it in all of the departments is the first step on the road to success.
  • Dansap Web Conector for Prestashop. Our web connector, consists on a Dashboard in which the person in charge of managing your company’s catalogue, once has entered the full file of product, can synchronize it with the web.

The synchronization steps are going to be:

  1. Complete product sheets from Dansap ERP.
  2. Going to the web connector and synchronize all that has been entered at the software with Prestashop.
  3. Check that everything on the website has been well entered, categorized and organized.
  • Website managed by Prestashop. Our web connector has been designed to work with Prestashop exclusively. Prestashop, is the content management system designed to create online businesses. With Prestashop, you can:
  1. Personalize the online store, choosing colors and design.
  2. Manage your business, analyszing your relationship with customers and results.
  3. Attract visitors, allowing them to share content to social media.
  4. Selling all over the world. Your website is going to be seen everywhere.

Working with Danzai Software is really easy. Also, if you want a complete solution for your point of sale, you could add to this complete management pack our Dansap POS.

  • Dansap POS is going to help on the management of your point of sale. You can have all of your stock connected (warehouse, store, e-commerce) and when a sell is made, is going to be discounted automatically. 

At Danzai Software we offer integral management of your business. With our Dansap e-commerce pack, we manage all the sales completely. Start working with us of the easiest way.