visitamos alimentaria 2022 Dansap ERP

At Danzai Software, every day we investigate how to improve our software to make our customer’s life easier. For that, we assist to new sector exhibitions, to see new trends and what can we incorporate to our software to facilitate the daily management to our customers. In this case, we visit Alimentaria and Hostelco 2022.

The show, has reunited professionals of more than 140 countries, with a total of 100.000 visitors and more than 13.000 business meetings. In this case, we have put our focus at Hostelco, the show dedicated to restoration machinery, hostelry and collectivities. With an impact of more than 180 milions, this show, marks a turning point in the recovery of the sector and contributes to the reactivation.

¿Why it is important to being up to date?

The show attendance, help us to detect which are the needs of our sector and being up to date to the new trends to offer the best service to our customers. The journey we visit Alimentaria 2022, we did:

  • With the views, we do a “reporting” of what is a new trend or not and evaluate if it’s good to incorporate it with our software.
  • Through this agreement with our hardware providers, we expose our management software and show how it works through a hardware used frequently in our businesses.
  • Evaluate market needs.
  • The customer, can see our software completely integrated with our hardware and see how it works.

With all the news, we want to offer the best service. At Danzai Software we always work to develop the best software and surround ourselves with the best partners. Also, we are following our biggest objective, digitalize restaurants. That has been our purpose the last years. At Danzai Software, we want to offer the best ERP of the market. For that, we have integrated Dansap ERP in the last hardware solutions. ¡Start now working with us!