Software adaptado a las nuevas leyes

Software companies, like all companies, are challenged every day. Laws are constantly changing and, as manufacturers, we have to adapt our products to all requirements and conditions that the Spanish government requires. In the case that occupies us, we have our ERP software, Dansap ERP adapted to the new government laws.

We update our software constantly

At Danzai Software we want to sell updated software, so our customers don’t have any problem while working. Our main objective, is develop the best management software in order that every business can do its daily tasks correctly and without problems.

For that, our team is always updated and up to date of all the market news, to implant them in our two softwares, Dansap ERP and Techni-Web. Like our new update, for the Ley crea y crece and the Ticket BAI.

  1. The crea y crece law, that is about to be approved, stablishes the compulsory invoice and the compulsory simplified invoice for companies and freelancers. This law, don’t explain us only about the condition of compulsory invoice, also about the content, means of dispatch, authenticity, integrity, referral and retention.
  2. The Ticket BAI adaptation is a new regulation of the Basque Government. For a few months, every Foral Province has stablished that every one of the sales that are made through a management POS or ERP software have to be registered. TBAI is a chain of invoices, that are signed electronically, which prevents its manipulation and duplication. This will ensure the authenticity, integrity, traceability and inviolability of the computer science registers. Definitely, invoices can’t be manipulated or erased once issued through personal computers. The registers must be remitted to the correspondent Foral provinces, complying with the form and deadlines established by each of them.

At Danzai Software we try to adapt every day to the market trends. Our team, investigates constantly the competence to offer the best solutions to our customers, apart from the most adapted software. Dansap ERP is adapted to the new government laws. And it also, offers a training to our customers. Our technical team, when installing the software, is going to offer information to all your employees. Also, our compromise is to offer a good technical service. ¡Start now working with a certified and trusted provider!