From our beginnings, we knew that at Danzai Software we wanted to work with the maximum of possible markets. Due to globalization and the ability to install our management software at the cloud, we thought that it would be a great idea to make a Dansap ERP English website.

With this new adaptation, we would find new costumers.

As installers and software developers, we have an advantage. Our management software Dansap ERP could be installed local at the company or via cloud, which allows people to work remotely.

Actually, most of our clients are from Spain. This is because years ago, we started to expand our company very fast and we had a good reception for both of our softwares, Techni-Web and Dansap ERP.

Our strategic plans are made for 10 years from now, contemplating to expand our company to other markets, like the British one. Due to that, we have considered to offer a better service to our customers. In order to enhance our expansion, we knew that we should include the English language to our website.

Our new website is totally responsive, and also:

  • Adapted to all type of mobile devices.
  • Available in two languages (Spanish and English).
  • We provide our customers with all the information. People is going to see in one minute if Dansap ERP fits their needs and sector.
  • Contact forms are included on the website to solve problems and doubts.
  • Successful stories, in order to see with who we are working and what we do for them.
  • A blog, with all the necessary “tips” to use our ERP.
  • Updated with corporate news. To get the latest news.
  • Created to facilitate the day-to-day management of our clients.
  • And the best, with the necessary information for our web surfers to know our product.

Now that you know our strategic plan, it doesn’t matter the language or place that you are, ask for information without compromise. Our technicians will advise you with no problem.