We are at 2022. And, this year, the new Fiscal Calendar 2022 arrives. For now, we present a guide for companies to know when they have to file their taxes and comply with their tax obligations. 

At Danzai Software we know that this requires planning and lots of organization. For that, we wanted to help you with our new fiscal calendar 2022.

On this calendar that we have prepared, you will be able to see the end of the tax filling dates. In that way, your organization will be easier, in a more visual way. This is valid for SMEs and autonomous.

With Dansap ERP, you will agile the management of your tax presentation

We allow to generate automatically the 303, 390 and 347 models, facilitating all the management of these procedures, that take lots of your employees daily time.

Also, we give information for the 111, 115, 130/131, 180, 190, 184, 349, 720, 100, 202, 309, 349, 714, 100, 369, 200, 179 and 232 models. With our management software Dansap ERP, we are going to make your daily management easier.

We have all the avaliable modules to work with only one software

  • Reduction of data loss between departments.
  • Centralized data.
  • Customization of our software to your work methodology.
  • Complete control of your sales system.
  • We integrate in each module all the necessary functionalities so that each department work comfortably without other softwares.
  • You will access the record books with ease, lists of balances and balances, all kinds of models, etc.
  • Exhaustive following of your financial resources.

Do you want the same solution for your business? Ask our team.

Fiscal Calendar 2022
Fiscal Calendar 2022