Like on all types of businesses, there are better and worse times of the year to make a transition to a new ERP. In our sector, the best time of the year to buy (work with) a new software service is at the beginning of a new year. In that way, your business is going to start with new data. If you decide to start working with a new ERP at midyear, the problem would be synchronize all the data, apart from check every single one of the figures square.

At Danzai Software our principal mission is help businesses in their way to digitalization. Today, lots of companies still work with spreadsheets like Excel. From the beginning, it could be practical (if they are on the first steps of their business development). But in the long run, they will see that with this type of resources they lose time and information.  

  • Employees, have to invest a huge quantity of their daily time to collect data and check that it hasn’t been erased from some automatic/ manual exportation.
  • With the trespassing, you lose data from software to software or to software from an Excel.

The question that you must be doing is:

¿Do I need an ERP for the operation of my company?

The answer in long terms is yes. And the most important thing, you don’t have to wait to a critical point to do it.

If your business/ project is on a developing process but you have the bases of what you want to be assembled, the ideal thing is start now with an ERP. In that way, your business is going to grow with all the processes and everything is going to be ok.

The evolution must be organized and structured. Due to that, if you know that the business you are managing is going to need an ERP, the best is start at the beginning of the year. Really, you can start each time of the year, but the end of a trimester of year would be great. At Danzai Software we are always aware of last technologies. For that, we have developed and continually updated our management software Dansap ERP. ¿Do you want to modernize your business? ¡Ask for information without compromise!