At Danzai Software, we are engaged with technological development. Either for our company or our clients. Annually, we are investing a high percentage on R+D. We are aware that technology is advancing rapidly and we cannot be left behind in the technological advances that actually exist.

Our DANSAP ERP web connector is prove of that. On less than months, and having audited it, we have decided to improve the old interface to make it more intuitive. Also, offering a redesign adapted to every type of device (mobile, tablet or desktop).

With that, we want our customers to have the practicality to update their products in the moment they want. Comparing to the old interface, it was only one screen with three sections (orders, catalogue and deletes)

Now we can see an interface more:

  • Intuitive, with the different sections (orders, attributes, categories, products and eliminated).
  • With automatic synchronization (once the products are entered into the software, our web connector will automatically synchronize them in one hour).
  • Once you update the software with an attribute, what you have to do is go to the web connector and update everything. On the screen, it will appear inside the setting that you have modified on the update. What you have to do, is activate the synchronization. Then, you can check on your website that they have updated it automatically.
  • We guarantee simplify time. With our web connector, you only have to enter all your products, images and attributes one single time. With that, you will dedicate time to really important tasks.

¿Do you want to try it and have the same solution for your business? ¡Keep in touch with us and use our web connector update!

At Danzai Software we guarantee offering the ideal solution for your business. And if not, we find it and develop it!