Módulo Gestión Ventas Dansap ERP

Sales increase is what is going to make your company grow. It is really important having a management software that can control all of the growth. With the sales management module Dansap ERP, your company will be able to manage all the sales from one module. And also make discounts, budgets, create orders, manage delivery notes and invoices, and make lists and rappels from different customers.

Optimize all your system and improve customer service. With Dansap ERP, we guarantee reduce sales time improving communication of each company department, as well as the final customer.

  • Discounts: apply discounts to the customer’s rates. Select the start and final date of the discounts. You may have multiple rates.
  • Budgets: Manage budgets every moment. Check out the list of budgets for customer or commercial code. You will have all the information with only one click. Accessible to all members of your company and those who you allow.
  • Orders: Manage sales orders. Check out the real state of every order (preparation, delivery) whenever you want. Pass directly an estimate to a request.
  • Delivery notes: Modify pending delivery notes. Have the complete control of your warehouse stock.
  • Invoices: Generate invoices, print the monthly invoicing… Also, you can send the invoicing via email to the customers.
  • Pre- order: Program your orders for each day of the week.

Also, we have other functionalities of the sales management module:

  • Automatic order sending through customer orders.
  • Advanced pre-sale and auto-sale mobility solutions.
  • Ecommerce integrated solutions, both internal and external.
  • Integrated CRM to see how we interact with our customers.
  • Management and monitoring of commercial campaigns.
  • Analysis of the financial situation of each client.
  • Preparation of expeditions and the necessary documentation.
  • Merchandise reservations.
  • Settlement of commissions to sellers and distributors.
  • Inter-company movements.
  • Integrated documentation management.
  • Reports and statistics.
  • Electronic invoices.

¡And a lot more! ¿Do you want to know how to manage your corporate sales correctly? Ask our team and we will advise you without compromise. At Dansap ERP, you are going to find the ally that you always wanted. Your company sales will increase and will do so without it meaning a big change for your workers (workload), having everything controlled from a single software with multiple functionalities.