Módulo cobros y pagos Dansap ERP

At Danzai Software we have always had one thing clear: We want to offer the best service for our customers. For that, we have developed a 360° management software, having all the modules that allow you to work perfectly. Next, we present the payment and collection module Dansap ERP, essential for any company, which will help them efficiently manage their daily activities.

Manage the payment and receipts on your organization from the Dansap ERP software. It is the easiest way for being up to date. Check out in real time the treasury of your company. Have the absolute control, conciliation and reclamation of the monetary flows.  

With Dansap ERP, all your employees are going to make an exhaustive following of the financial resources:

  • Cash movements, record income and expenses of the company. With this functionality, you will have everything controlled and will know where the expenses of the company provide, also the incomes.
  • Advances, generate an advance to your provider.
  • Collection remittances, connect directly with your bank and do all the payments that you have to do with your customers. We simplify the system in order to win more time on your daily tasks.
  • Payment remittances, connect directly with your bank all the payments that you have to do to your providers. We simplify the system in order to win time on your daily tasks.
  • Listings, make listings and evaluate risk situations and account risks of your company. You will have this information by customer, commercial or at the general company level.

Also, we have different functionalities for the collections and payments module

  • Get your financial reports and see at all times what you owe and how much you are owed.
  • Telematic sending of collections and payments to banks.
  • Automatic generation of collection portfolio and invoice payment.

At Danzai Software we have as a priority offering a good customer service. For this reason, they are focused on offering the maximum of functionalities at the collections and payments module. Our management software, is one of the best of the market. Discover what Danzai Software can do for you. ¿Do you want a customized solution and adapted to your work methodology? ¡Contact us and we will find the best solution for you and your business!