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Successful Story Jardí i Entorn

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Successful Story Jardí i Entorn

Jardí i entorn is a gardening company located in the city of Girona. With more than 30 years of experience, they needed a management software to improve its growing. Like in lots of enterprises, they had difficulty to administrate all of their corporate aspects, due to an old management software: An excel spreadsheet. Jardí i Entorn managers, they contacted us and we offered them Dansap, our new ERP. Discover how we helped their business and our successful story Jardí i entorn.

The challenge

Jardí i Entorn, needed to manage all the aspects of its business in a centralized way, with a software that allowed them:

–         Keep the books. It is very important to keep them up to date. With Dansap ERP, you will agile the management of your department, making automatic tasks that were made manually before, avoiding to loose time.

–         Having the work schedule of the employees centralized. You will be able to choose a color for each employee. In that way, you will see everything that each employee is doing.

–         Purchases, with Dansap ERP, you will manage your delivery notes, and all of the material that your projects need.

–         Sales, they can make delivery notes with pre-configured articles. In this way, you don’t have to write it manually every time.

–         Delivery notes and invoices: every time that you are doing a delivery note, this is going to convert automatically to an invoice, when the invoice due has passed.

347 tax presentation. With the management software Dansap ERP, you will be able to make automatically the tax presentation of the 347 module, speeding up the work of your department. With all the information at the software, you will be able to make automated tax presentation, because the ERP has all the information. 

the solution

From the beginning, the customer specified its requirements. And once we knew them, we started working on them. Our management software would allow having a 360° management of their business.

With Dansap ERP, they will:

–         Keep your accounting up to date.

–         Quickly manage delivery notes and invoices.

–         Having a complete calendar. With just a glance, you will be able to know which projects you have assigned to each one of your employees.

–         Control all the company from one software.

With Dansap ERP, Jardí i Entorn will have a software:

–         Very intuitive.

–         Easy to use.

–         Fast implementation.

–         Cloud or locally, you will be able to work from anywhere.


With the management software Dansap ERP, Jardí i Entorn will have a faster daily management of their business, representing a lot of time throughout the day. The advantages of having a management software are the following ones:

–         Better organization.

–         Faster tasks.

–         All the information connected.

–         Process streamlining.

The result has been very positive for the customer. Thanks to the new management software Dansap ERP, they have achieved to improve their corporate processes, reduce workload and having everything controlled.

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