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Successful Story Copylowcost

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Successful Story Copylowcost

Copylowcost, is a copy shop located on the center of Girona dedicated to all type of printing services (canvas, books, cards, traditional printing). With more than fifty years of experience in the printing sector, the company has evolved to convert into what it is today.  Copylowcost offers integral services, for particulars and businesses. Laminates, stamping, books, menus for restaurants, thesis, roll-ups… all type of printing services.


The Challenge

With more than fifty years of experience, the company didn’t use any management software to control its business. They only had a cash register and kept their accounts with an Excel spreadsheet. Tired of a non-automated information and not having it on the same place, they got in touch with us with a challenge: to be allowed to control all the management of their business from one software and streamline their daily management. This would allow increasing productivity and dedicate more time on tasks related to their business.


The Solution  

Like all of our customers, we did an exhaustive evaluation of what was what they had and what could be their future needs. Once everything was analyzed, we jumped into the conclusion that Copylowcost needed a management software like Dansap ERP but also Dansap POS. A tool for 360° companies.

¿In what is going to help you the management software Dansap ERP?

–  Streamline their payment system. With Dansap POS, they will have the chance to have a catalogue entered and simply pushing the screen, they will add the product to the customer account that will be a ticket to pay.

– Have all the information on the same software.

– Have everything controlled, increasing tranquility.

– Software and POS easy to use. In that way, your employees will learn easily.



After a long time using Dansap ERP, Copylowcost has achieved all the challenges that wanted to face from the beginning. Therefore, we have achieved a successful story Danzai Software.

The result is a productive and competitive company. They have achieved to optimize their sales system and control each one of the aspects of their company from one software. With the ERP, they forgot to control everything from an Excel spreadsheet, avoid losing information, and with the POS, eliminate the cash register they had, being able to offer more information to their customers.

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