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Successful Story

Adela Caicoya is a hair product, esthetic and esthetic equipment company distribution with its leadership on the Canary Islands and Spain.

With more than forty years of experience, they have had a huge growing, in a sales and product portfolio. The new brands sale, has allowed them increase income.

Knowing that they wanted to manage all their company optimally (stocks, sales, commercial team) they started to find a software that allow them move along with this growing. The other ERP that they have, was old, slow and wasn’t able to manage all kinds of needs of the company. 


<<With Dansap ERP we could optimize all the commercial growth and expansion>>

Successful Story Adela Caicoya


The challenge

Dansap ERP, the new management software chosen for Adela Caicoya, had to be able to adapt to their upcoming needs and business vision. Also, being able to have various modules to face the new challenge, and contain a customizable part.

This, will allow the company to keep working normally, without modifying in any case their work methodology. Objectives and customer needs defined, we started working at their solution.  

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The solution

A priority for our customer, was that the implementation of tables for their commercial team. They were travelling around the country and visited customers constantly. In this visits, orders and promotions were sold. With Dansap ERP, all this information is sent directly to the office, where orders are prepared and everything is managed for its distribution.

With Dansap ERP, they have incorporated different modules:

– SHOPPING, to be able to manage all the orders from your providers.

– SALES, to have controlled all the sales process of your customers.

– RECEIPTS/ PAYMENTS, to be aware of the obligations with suppliers and          customers.

– ACCOUNTABILITY, the company always up to date.

-LOGISTICS, to have better traceability and logistic control of the market.

-OFFICE, with HHRR control incorporated.


The results

With the implementation of our management software Dansap ERP, the company has achieved to manage all its growth. All the modules mentioned before, had contributed to maintain a well-managed business, with all the necessary resources to do it.

Actually, Adela Caicoya has optimized its work methodology, simplifying tasks and wining time to invest in things that couldn’t before, due to the old software. Dansap ERP has provided a customizable solution that the customer needed, with a customer service and continuous training.  

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