Time is one of the most valuated things for businesses.  Management can make you increase business productivity, making it positive or negative. At Danzai Software we know that simplify tasks with Dansap ERP is an important value. For that reason, we have created a management software, Dansap ERP which is going to help you with this purpose.

A lot of companies still haven’t think of working with an ERP. Due to that, they are losing time with multiple software and different methodologies. In that way, tasks won’t be simplified. They get complicated because sometimes data is not exported correctly from a software to another, causing that the results are not adding up.

With Dansap ERP we guarantee to companies

  • Optimize your employee’s time, reducing waiting times with data trespassing from one software to another.
  • Simplify tasks. With an ERP, you can make tasks that were made manually before and convert them to automated tasks. In that way, employees can dedicate time to important tasks for the company and leave behind others that took up a lot of time on a daily basis but did not add any kind of value.
  • Reorganizing employee tasks. With this new organization, you are going to see what each employee does. And if it’s necessary, reorganizing tasks and offer support to the others that have more workload.
  • Check the evolution of all the process. It could happen that, at the beginning, is difficult to adapt to a new organization, even if lots of tasks that were methodical are now automated. A recommendation is to make a reunion with each business department of the company, adapting the new tasks to each team member.

If you want a similar solution for your business, keep in touch with us. Deciding to make a migration to an ERP, you can receive advice from our team without compromise, who will guide you in the day by day of the implantation. Simplify tasks with Dansap ERP.

¡Start now working in the easiest way with Dansap ERP!