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Successful Story


Successful Story 2 Perellons

2Perellons is an herbal liqueur factory, located at the Balearic Islands. Founded in 1882 for Jordi Perelló Perelló, 2Perellons is still a familiar and artisan company directed by a fourth generation that is offering homemade products. Today, with more than 130 years of its foundation, they offer the maximum quality products, that have followed a huge familiar tradition. Discover our successful story 2 Perellons.


The Challenge

The digitalization, has always been a challenge for a lot of companies. A lot of them, like 2 Perellons, saw the need to adapt to the actual market to control the factory, production, employees, office, sales and purchases. Before, they did everything handmade. With time and the growth of the company, this situation has stated being untenable. As a consequence of that, they planned to find a definitive solution for the management of its business.

Comercial García Mallorca, was a Dansap ERP customer and recommended our software to 2perellons. 

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The Solution

The customer, specified some requirements and we started to work on it. For that, we recommended Dansap ERP. Our management software, will allow them to have a 360° management of its business.

With Dansap ERP, they can:

-Control the manufacturing and production of the liquors.

-Know how many shrinkage has every bath production.

-Generate traceability and manufacturing costs lists.

-Customize the software to its work methodology.

-Control the company purchases and sales.

-Have the accounting on time. 



With the implantation of Dansap ERP to its business, they have achieved controlling everything from the same software. The result of that, is a more effective, practical and agile company.

Actually, 2Perellons is more competitive than ever. They have achieved to optimize all its sales and manufacturing system and control all and each one of the aspects of the company from one software. With Dansap ERP, they have elevated the company to another level, allowing to grow without risks and surprises. Everything is always under control.

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