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Successful Story

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Sadegel, is a Bañolas company owner of the Gelatiamo franchises. This ones, offer authentic Italian traditional ice cream, apart from other refreshing drinks. In 2006, they opened their first store, starting a long way that will suppose the expansion of the company to countries like: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panamá, Bolivia and Chile. In a short period of time, Gelatiamo became a really important franchise, due to its good image and high quality product.

On their ice cream shops, customers would found a high variety of coffees, milkshakes, frappes, crepes and waffles. They wanted to offer a complete service to its customers, allowing them enjoying different meals on their ice cream shops.


The Challenge

Sadegel (Gelatiamo), is a little company that, from its opening at 2006, started to grow rapidly. For that, they bought an ERP to manage all on the right way and don’t miss anything. After a period of time, when they were used to use SAP, started to comprehend that it had a high cost for what they needed, as they weren’t a big company to assume the annual costs of an ERP like that. As a result of this, they began to look for cheaper solutions that were just as effective and had the same functionalities for managing their business.


The Solution

Searching for a software, they found Dansap ERP and saw that we offered the same resources as SAP but in a cheaper way. Also, from Danzai Software, we had to work with our POS Techni-Web, one of the most complete softwares of the market, specialized on ice cream shops, coffee shops and restaurants that at the same time were compatible with our management software. Because of that, they found out that we have a complete hybrid solution that will be good for all markets, both for sale and management.

With Dansap ERP, they have achieved:

– Manage all of their stores, with the accountability, taxes, sales management, employees, sales, etc.

– Have all the data centralized. Obtaining always all the information whatever you want and available for everyone to work with the same system.

With Techni-Web, they have achieved:

– Manage all the sales, obtaining a centralized control of people that have more than one Gelatiamo.

– Improve customer service.

-Avoid queues on the ice cream shop. 



After the installation of our management software and our POS software, Sadegel (Gelatiamo) has achieved what they wanted: a management software with the same functionalities that the competence had, with a powerful POS that allowed to manage sales at a reasonable price.

Also, with Dansap ERP they have achieved: decrease the price of the ERP, obtaining the same functionalities that the other they had. All of their business is controlled from the same software, because it’s connected with the POS, we offer a complete management.

With Techni-Web, they have achieved to manage sales from the ice cream shops in an easy way, simple and easy. With the employee formation and customer service 24h, at Danzai Software we have achieved a successful story with our two own development softwares, Dansap ERP and Techni-Web.

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