Online sales have come to stay. Actually, the 70% of the country businesses have online sales. It is a transition that has accelerated due to COVID-19. If the business wanted to maintain their usual customers that couldn’t come to shop, also attract new ones, they had to open a new sales line. In that case, online commerce.

At Danzai Software we know that and we have developed Dansap E-commerce. That, is no more than a pack of our management software, for PYMES and BIG BUSINESSES, united with our web connector, that will allow and integral management of your business. Having this services, will allow you to obtain complete control of your sales, control stocks and increase billing.

The Dansap e-commerce pack will allow you to:

  • Complete your billing completely.
  • Knowing in every moment the store stock.
  • Manage your stores parallel from one software.
  • Link all the store management with the online commerce.
  • Know which store is the one that bills the most.
  • Understand if there’s some management problem in the e-commerce (purchase abandonment, etc).
  • Control everything from everywhere. You could work remotely.
  • Manage all the documentation relative to your business.
  • Centralized information of all your stores, even the online store.

Our Dansap e-commerce pack is the best option if you want to manage your online store without help. Dansap, will allow you to do the same from now in your online store, but opening to the online market.

The web connector, will send all the data between you and your management software managed by prestashop. Once a purchase is made, a devolution, purchase abandonment, the information will be sent to Dansap. With that, your will obtain statistics of everything and have the management at the palm of your hand.

At Danzai Software we want to simplify the diary management of our customers. For that, we have devised the Dansap e-commerce pack, that with our web connector will expedite the diary management of your business.